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Thursday, 24 March 2016 00:00

Man City Blues for Guardiola

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A smart goal by an English teenager for his Dutch manager against a team managed by a Chilean sent waves of anxiety for a Spaniard plying his trade in Germany!
English Premier League moves into matchday 30 this weekend as some teams grapple with FA Cup quarter finals simultaneously. This would mean that five matches are postponed but that doesn’t take any sheen off the action.
UEFA Champions League action resumed in the midweek with the first leg of matches in four ‘Round of 16’ matches. There was so much action on offer and we get into reviewing what happened.
English Premier League (EPL) moves into 26th match day and things are getting really interesting at both ends of the table. Leicester City seems to have taken the edge by overcoming Manchester City in the last round but can they continue their momentum? Will things change for the bottom dwellers? We look ahead to the action in store.
How close are we to finding out the winner of English Premier League (EPL)? Well, nowhere near! Because, it is so tight at the top that it could still be anyone’s title. And at the bottom, there is hope for all the teams to escape the relegation. We look forward to what’s in store for Matchday 25.
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