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EURO 2016 - Portugal v France - MATCH REVIEW

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Portugal UEFA EURO 2016 Champions Portugal UEFA EURO 2016 Champions EURO 2016

Final Score

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Euro 2016

Portugal defied odds and an injured Cristiano Ronaldo to stun the local hopefuls and win the European Championships 2016. They beat France 1-0 in Extra time at the Stade de France in the grand finale on July 10.

Much of the focus before the game was on how Ronaldo an Antoine Griezmann will impact the match. But it all threatened to boil down into an anti-climax as the Portuguese superstar was stretchered off after just 24 minutes following a strong tackle by Dimiti Payet. With no attacking outlet in the final third, Portugal resorted to defending deep and waiting for the right counter attack.


France were left frustrated because they couldn't dodge past the determined defense of Portugal. As the game meandered into extra time, the hosts threatened more and even rattled the goal post quite a number of times. But the best chances went to Portugal and when substitute Eder scored a winner late into additional time, it broke the hearts of every home supporter in the stadium!

Portugal v France - Player of the game

Ronaldo was expected to make the best of his chance to answer all those critics who keep questioning his national record. But as destiny would have it, he got injured after just 24 minutes leaving bulk of the work to be done by his team mates. But, he showed what the title means to him by trying to manage his troops from the sidelines. The image of Ronaldo controlling things from the sidelines will definitely be part of the folklore in the coming years. For now, his commitment is good enough to leave a great enough mark on the Euro 2016 finals!

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France team composition:

  • 1 Lloris (G)(C)
  • 3 Evra 43' Yellow Card
  • 7 Griezmann 45'+2 Goal 72' Goal 90'+2 Substitution
  • 8 Payet 58' Substitution
  • 9 Giroud 78' Substitution
  • 14 Matuidi Yellow Card
  • 15 Pogba
  • 18 Sissoko 110' Substitution
  • 9 Sagna
  • 21 Koscielny Yellow Card
  • 22 Umtiti Yellow Card

France Substitutes

  • 5 Coman 58' Substitution
  • 6 Martial 110' Substitution
  • 10 Gignac 78' Substitution

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France statistics

Ball possession: 53%
Passing accuracy: 91%
Corners: 9
Dangerous attacks: 70
Total attempts: 18
Disciplinary: 4 Yellow Card 0 REd Card
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Portugal team composition:

  • 1 Rui Particio Yellow Card120'+3
  • 3 Pepe
  • 4 Fonte Yellow Card119'
  • 7 Raphael Guerreiro Yellow Card95'
  • 8 Ronaldo (C) Substitution25'
  • 11 Joao MarioYellow Card62'
  • 13 William Carvalho Yellow Card98'
  • 14 Renato Sanches Substitution79'
  • 17 Nani 
  • 18 Cédric Yellow Card34'
  • 21 Adrien Silva Substitution66'

Germany Substitutes:

  • 2 João Moutinho Substitution66'
  • 19 Eder Substitution79' Goal109'
  • 20 Quaresma Substitution25'

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Germany statistics

Ball possession: 47%
Passing accuracy: 86%
Corners: 5
Dangerous attacks: 38
Total attempts: 9
Disciplinary: 6 0
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