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EURO 2016 - England v Iceland - MATCH REVIEW

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Euro 2016

Very few would have seen it coming – definitely not the supporters and not even some of the ardent critics. But when it happened, it was painful. England crashed out of Euro 2016 with an embarrassing 2-1 loss to minnows Iceland.

The pre-match optimism that England will move easily to the quarters has been vindicated as Wayne Rooney converted an early penalty to put them in lead. So far so good but the Iceland team has played with courage, skill and determination throughout the tournament. Ragnar Sigurdsson was almost immediate with the reply to brings things back to level ground.


The killer blow came from Kolbeinn Sigthorsson who benefited largely from the glaring inefficiency of Joe Hart. England tried its best but couldn’t break through the strong Icelandic defence.

With the win, Iceland continue to live their dream and will take on hosts France in the quarter-finals and may surprise even them.

England v Iceland - Player of the game

His namesake Gylfi takes the plaudits most of the times but this time it was Ragnar Sigurdsson who starred for Iceland. Popping forward and scoring the leveler was just one aspect of his brilliant game which shone at the back in an important game. Iceland’s team spirit is a big winner.

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