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The possible moves of Pep

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Pep Gardiola Next Move Pep Gardiola Next Move

Football is played on the field but it is the managers in the dug-out that take most of the plaudits. Of course, they also take the brickbats. Ask Louis van Gaal for the second part and Pep Guardiola for the first. The venerable Spaniard tactician is widely acclaimed to be blessed with a strategically bent mind which makes him successful wherever he goes.

Guardiola learnt his trade at the famous Nou Camp starting with Barcelona ‘B’. But, what he did with the senior team caught the world by storm. Three La Liga titles, two Champions League titles, two Copa del Rey titles – it may require a huge cabinet to just put the 14 trophies he won in total. That too, in just four years of managing Barcelona.


It is not just the trophies but the manner in which he won that made him one of the most sought-after managers in the world. His meticulous preparation before any game and his strategic nous is one of the best, which makes him special. Jose Mourinho may differ but success speaks the truth in the case of Guardiola. Success came at a price, though, for the Spaniard as he was burnt out – both physically and mentally by the end of his tenure at Barca.

That should explain the sabbatical he took for one year before taking up the job at Bayern Munich. And now that his contract expires at the end of next season, the speculation is back in full swing. Clubs across the continent are looking to lure him to their club. So, what could be Pep’s next job?

Manchester City

The neo-rich English club was wooing him during his sabbatical too before Pep decided to take up Bayern’s job. The presence of ex-Barca executives at City gives credence to the fact that Pep would be chased with increased expectations. It would be difficult to say with conviction if City would be successful or if Pep is really interested. The club is so eager to lay the red carpet that it would even revamp the whole squad if Pep wants so.

Manchester United

The glorious tradition of the Red Devils make it a choice for Pep. And, the recent slide under Van Gaal who was unable to instil confidence in the management, players or fans means that there could be an opening very soon. If he takes it, United job could prove to be the most challenging for Pep because the task of renovation would be huge.

Bayern Munich

After all the noise, will Pep settle for an extension? For all the success he brought to the German Champions, Pep is yet to master Europe with Bayern. The whole drama could meet a dramatic end with an extension for Guardiola.


The high tempo he brings to the game – both on and off the field, would mean that there is every chance of Pep being burnt out by the end of this season. Just like he did after Barca job, Pep could walk into the Sunset temporarily.

One thing is for sure – Pep will not be short of suitors. It’s a question of where for one of the most successful managers of recent times.

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