bookmakersWith hundreds or even thousands of bookmakers worldwide available nowadays, the common question is, which one should I choose? After all, this is the place where betting technically takes place and without them, wagering in a legal form wouldn't exist. When you choose a sportsbook, the average punter can look at many different factors such as trust, bonus structure, betting options, limits, odds and many others. However, when it comes to professional betting, there are strict factors you should be looking at when choosing a betting operator. And they are:

1. Trust & reliability

If you cannot trust the place where you keep your money, anything else makes no sense. If the bookmaker you choose has been in the business for quite a while, is officially licensed and legalized, pays out fast and settles your bets even faster, these could be a good indicator of a good one. It is also important that it doesn't operate in a legalized market (France for example) without a license, or else it would be a clear sign that something is shady.

2. Odds

Odds is the most important thing when it comes to winning at betting or not. Even if you have a good hit rate, but if you often grab worse odds compared to the best ones, it is highly unlikely that you will benefit from betting over the long-term. So needless to say, always go for the best odds.

3. Betting options & limits

So what's the purpose of being a betting guru if you cannot bet the amount you want and on the event you want? Professional punters will often have their stakes limited by the bookmaker, or even have their account suspended/locked for being associated with a betting syndicate. Some bookmakers will even make it clear in their T&C that professional punters are not welcome, as they only seek "recreational" bettors, who eventually lose more than they win. So unless you're a part of that category, you should really take this aspect into account.

4. Bonus structure

The contradictory thing is that good bookmakers don't really have any bonus structure. They are not interested to attract you that way, simply because they already offer you much more than that, particularly when it comes to odds and limits. So losing your head for a free bet offer or anything of the sort, is not exactly an option for the professional bettor, unless your bookmaker clearly fulfils the points mentioned above.

With that being said, we think that some of the best (if not the best) bookmakers, that fulfil the points mentioned above, are the following ones:

1. PinnacleSports - recognized for high limits, best odds, trust and fast pay-outs up to five minutes. Arguably the best for such markets as tennis, USA sports (NHL, NBA, NFL, MLB etc), European basketball, and not lastly for competitive football/soccer lines and odds.

2. SboBet - Asian bookmaker which recently entered the European market at full strenght, thus offering a bonus structure. It is known as perfect for football/soccer betting and live-betting.

3. IBCBet - the most solid Asian bookmaker, high limits, best odds for soccer/football betting and in-play betting. Unfortunatelly it isn't open wide so you wouldn't be able to create an account with them unless you do it through an agent. Be aware of getting involved with a fake or unlicensed agent, they can steal your hard-earned money and never appear again. If you really want to enjoy their services, you can always let us know and we'll recommend you a trusted broker who we trust and use their services for our clients.

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